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    Our new website is currently under construction, with information being added daily. If there’s something you are particularly interested in please contact us: email: info@poshbikes.com or by phone on +44 (0) 1622 762055

    Poshbikes are the most exclusive bespoke bicycle service on the planet. Bringing together the finest, highest performance products the cycle industry has to offer to provide you with the worlds ‘Ultimate Bicycles & Components’.

    Poshbikes is the brainchild of the Wallis family, who have been in the business of hi-end bicycle design and manufacture since the 1920′s. Poshbikes.com offers three generations of bicycling expertise worldwide at the touch of a button.

    We import, distribute and retail the worlds most advanced, technically superior and prestigious brands the cycle industry has to offer and our bespoke bicycles have been widely featured in the worlds leading publications. In 2011 we won both ‘Bicycle of the year’ and ‘Superbike of the year’ in Cycling Plus magazine and Poshbikes is the only cycle company to be featured in Esquire magazine, as “The ultimate in bicycle design” and “Best of British”!

    Our customers are not only world-renowned professional athletes or celebrities, they are discerning bicycle enthusiasts from all walks of life who know what they want and trust us to supply a product to the highest specification whether it’s a single bolt, saddle or complete bicycle.

    As qualified designers and engineers we run the strictest testing programs on every single product we supply. We are also involved in the development of brand new cycling innovations and we are often able to incorporate these into our bespoke service, meaning our customers can order unique components, available from us and only us.

    At Poshbikes every aspect of a component is considered. To be the lightest in the world is pointless if it limits its lifespan, or does not achieve its intended purpose i.e. a brake must stop you, a derailleur must change gear and a frame must be an efficient chassis. Every item supplied through Poshbikes is in our opinion the best of the best and is not only light weight, but durable and will out perform the competition in every respect!

    We are very proud to have been chosen by the cycle worlds leading hi-end brands as their UK distributor, allowing you the chance to purchase many of the lightest, fastest and most exclusive components through your local bicycle dealer (Please contact us for a list of Poshbikes recommended dealers). To learn more about the history of our brands and the full range of products they have to offer, please ‘Search by brand’ using the links on the left hand side of our website.

    2013 saw the opening of our own Poshbikes store. The ‘Poshbikes Atelier’ is a Mecca for the true cycling enthusiast with the ultimate selection of exotic bicycles and components on view in store. (click here for more info)

    Whether you’re looking for a complete bicycle, a frameset, or just the latest upgrade to improve your current ride please give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll help turn your bicycle dreams into reality.

    If you’re looking for

    • The most desirable, high performance and lightweight componentry available
    • Bicycles designed to your exact specification and our specialist recommendation
    • Exclusive and extraordinary custom details
    • Bicycles built with extreme care and expertise
    • A personalised and friendly service from start to finish
    • The ultimate bicycle or components money can buy…?

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    Poshbikes Brands

    Poshbikes/Wallis Products Limited are the sole UK importer and distributor for the following brands:
    (In alphabetical order)

    • Abbey Lubricants
    • AX-Lightness Bicycles & Components
    • BK-Composites Components
    • Black Series Components
    • Braking Disc Rotors & Pads
    • Caterham Bicycles
    • Engage Components
    • FMB Hand Made Tubular Tyres
    • Formigli Bicycles
    • FRM Bicycles & Components
    • German-A Suspension Forks
    • M5 Ligfeisten Components
    • Mcfk Carbon Components
    • Olympia Bicycles
    • Rauler Bicycles
    • Reset-Racing Components
    • Scapin Bicycles
    • Schmolke Carbon Components
    • Schmolke Titan Frames
    • SRM Powermeters
    • Steinbach Components
    • THM Carbones Components
    • Tune Components
    • WR Compositi Bicycles & Components
    • Xentis Wheels