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The Leichtes Stück Seatpost tube is CNC machined from seamless drawn 7075 heat-treated aluminium. A unique multi-butted extrusion, not only unique to Tune, but unique to each Seatpost diameter to guarantee the optimum balance of lightweight and strength is all sizes. Lighter than most carbon tubes, yet no chance of compression damaged through clamping.
Tune have taken ‘reducing mass’ to another level, by externally CNC machining any extraneous & excess material in a triangulated lattice relief (much like that of a crane boom or bridge), following the tensile and compressive lines of stress subjected to the tube in use. The ‘tuned’ seatpost tube now significantly lighter, yet virtually no reduction in strength compared to the regular Starkes Stück.
This beautifully machined tube is paired with a 7075 aluminium Arbor & Craw system (the clamping beam through the post and beams above the rails), also machined into superlight skeletal versions of the original, and paired with a unique CNC’d alloy cradle using TIA64V titanium bolts with cold-rolled fine threads and radius machined heads for perfect alignment and micro-adjustment.
The front & rear bolt arrangement allows for very fine saddle angle adjustment, and zero possibility for the saddle to slip. The Arbor is slightly longer than required, allowing a little fore-and-aft movement to compensate for extreme seatpost angles.
Who needs carbon when aluminium is this light, strong and beautiful!
Available in two lengths and the full range of Tune anodized colours.
  • • Application: MTB/Road Seatpost
  • • Tube: Extruded, multi-faceted 7075 heat-treated aluminium with external machining
  • • Cradle: 7075 heat-treated aluminium, anodised black
  • • Arbor: ø 8 x 58 mm 7075 heat-treated aluminium, anodised silver
  • • Claws: 7075 heat-treated aluminium, anodised black
  • • Bolts: 1 M5 x 0.75 x 48 (front). 1 M5 x 0.75 x 56 (rear) TiAI6V4 Titanium with cold-rolled fine threads
  • • Manufacturing process: CNC machined
  • • Lengths: 340 mm / 420 mm
  • • Minimum insertion: 90 mm (340 mm) / 100 mm (420 mm)
  • • Maximum insertion: 170 mm exposed (340 mm) / 250 mm exposed (340 mm)
  • • Diameters: ø 27.2 mm
  • • Max rider weight: 100 kg
  • • Weights (approx.): 155 grams (27.2 x 340 mm) / 172 grams (27.2 x 420 mm)