In a Repente seat, the rail does not just have a supporting function. The horizontal elements of the carbon fibre structure have been designed with differential cross-sections to achieve the right mix of rigidity and flexibility throughout the support plane. The rear ends have been flattened to provide more homogeneous rigidity to the most heavily stressed part of the seat, while the front ends merge into a single, sturdy structural element. Pressure applied to the seat in the various riding stages is always under control. Smooth lines are also at the front, where the two modulated section support arms harmoniously blend into the tip.

(Requires Repente Aleena, Comptus or Kuma cover. Cannot be used separately)
  • • Hand laid autoclaved T700 1K carbon RC-Base
  • • Hand laid autoclaved T700 UD carbon rail (9.4 x 7 mm)
  • • RLS (Repente Locking System)
  • • ISSG (Integrated Shell Side Guards)
  • • Length: 275 mm
  • • Width: 137 mm
  • • Weight: 74 grams (± 5%)
  • • Recommended use: Road or MTB