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TT Matrix is an innovative and exclusive process designed and developed by Scapin’s engineering technicians. This process creates the ultimate marriage between tube-to-tube and one-piece monocoque construction i.e. Maximum lateral stiffness in the highest loaded areas, while allowing the adjustment of less critical areas using tube-to-tube methods. TT Matrix frames integrate one-piece sections, such as seat tube and Bottom Bracket shell for increased lateral stiffness, or one-piece molded head tube, top tube and down tube for increased steering precision. This process allows Scapin to maintain optimum tensional rigidity and long-term durability with the added benefit of custom geometry. Thanks to TT Matrix, Scapin are the only frame manufacturer able to offer tube-to-tube adjustability with monocoque performance.

FMT (Fluid Mould Technology) revolutionizes the manufacture of monocoque carbon frames & components. It is this innovative manufacturing process that allows Scapin to produce frames with superior composite density, increased structural integrity and lighter weight than their competitors. Scapin’s FMTprocess replaces antiquated air-filled bladders with expanding cores controlled by high-pressure fluid to guarantee that the resin is better distributed between the pre-preg carbon layers achieving the perfect carbon-to-resin ratio.

CST (Custom Size Technology) allows Scapin to adapt their chassis to the morphological structure of the rider, creating a more comfortable yet more efficient bicycle in the process. CST offers athletes the opportunity to personally tailor the geometry of their Scapin to create a unique frame manufactured to their specific requirements. Perhaps the most important factor when custom sizing a bicycle frame is how the manufacturer adjusts proven geometry to meet rider requirements without adversely affecting the handling characteristics of a high-performance frame. Scapin’s 57 years of frame building experience ensures that each CST frame offers the perfect balance of fit and performance.

CFS (Comfort Flex System). Scapin’s CFS optimized seat-stays are state of the art. Designed for optimum rider comfort over uneven surfaces, CFS stays absorb over 30% more unwanted shock and vibration than other high performance race frames, while offering increased lateral stiffness and efficiency, resulting in lower rolling resistance and increased grip due to better tyre contact with the road surface.

D-Double dropouts are CNC machined aluminium plates that fit over the frames carbon monocoque dropouts, protecting the carbon structure beneath. D-Double dropouts feature a sacrificial rear derailleur hanger and are anodized red to match the front derailleur mount and S-Way saddle clamp where fitted.

ICR (Inner Cable Routing). Scapin internally cabled frames route the gear cables through the down tube and rear brake cable through the top tube. These positions can also be used to route the wiring for electronic gearing using the optional fittings supplied. The frame requires no internal tubing ensuring optimum control and smooth operation of the front and rear derailleur.

Wing System. Another Scapin design feature made famous through years of evolution. CNC machined from lightweight aluminium and designed to perfectly position the gear wires each side of the down tube for optimum control and frame clearance. The Wing System guarantees easy adjustment of the gears and can be replaced in the event of an accident or removed when electronic gearing is fitted

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